About Ken Foody



My team and I are continually blessed with opportunities to make an “Instant Impact” in the lives of extraordinary people and exceptional companies all over the world. It’s my great passion to help them strategize and implement ways of doing things a bit better with our help than they were doing without it.

My greatest professional obsession is to strategize and design new and improved ways to immediately leverage more of our client’s assets, maximize more of their opportunities and along the way find a fair amount of money that’s been lying around unclaimed for far too long.

I have 2 absolute criteria that must be met in order for an engagement to be a great fit for both sides.

At the end of our “strategy session(s)” together:

1. I need to feel like the services or products they provide AND the manner in which they provide them are ones that I can respect and even more so, that I would be proud for my team to work on and to champion.

2. I need to see a clear path to not just have the costs for our services quickly paid for out of our results, but to have the “investment” in our services return such an exponential value that I feel confident they’ll say without question that we’re their favorite “check to write.”

Specifically I look for interesting  challenging projects in a variety of markets, but perhaps more importantly, I’m looking for exceptional people that we would enjoy getting to know, working with and who we’ll have a ton of fun together with along the way.

Here are a few of my qualifications, from the most recent backwards:

May 2014 – Present:

Opened the doors to “The Funnel Firm” and FixMySalesFunnel.com to provide High End Advice, Consulting, Strategy & Done For You Services primarily focused on improving a client’s current underperforning sales funnels or creating new ones from scratch.

Began work on a definitive 3 volume series of books, audiobooks and training courses that I’m calling the “Sales Funnel Mastery” series.

The 3 Volumes are entitled:

1. “The Funnel Code” – The complete definition and anatomy of a World Class Sales Funnel system. A breakdown of each of the elements, their importance to the whole of the formula, and the various versions/options for each step. Includes a brief introduction (just a taste of) what’s truly possible with a Master Sales Funnel Strategy. Provides direction and details for almost anyone to immediately head out and either finally create a financially successful sales funnel or if it’s their first, ensures that they’ll hit a home run out of the gate, their first time. And to conclude, it leaves the reader in suspense as it just opens up the mind to the possibilities that lie in the higher degrees of Funnel Mastery.

2. “The Funnel Doctrine” – The “Higher Law” of a Complete Sales Funnel. Diving deep into the psychology of the sales funnel design, and defining the complete philosophy. Provides examples and a breakdown of some of the original, legendary, most financially successful and longest lasting Sales Funnels in the history of commerce. By the time you’re finished with this book, you’ll start to see the world through different eyes, and never want to go back.

3. “The Funnel Master” – “When the student’s truly ready, the master will appear.” An allegorical journey into my background and the roadmap that led to the ultimate realizations of the truth behind this work and that this is what “I was born to do.” It will complete your Master’s Degree in Sales Funnels – pull back the full curtain and reveal the “truest form” of the Sales Funnel. Even with all that you’ve read and studied, you’ll be amazed by the fact that you’ll see things completely different by the time you’re done than you did when you started.

And finally, you’ll receive a brief introduction to “The Program.” It’s the absolute fullest picture of what’s possible, not only what a single company is capable of, but the inevitable and unstoppable evolution of the organization that truly understands and how that can only lead to a complete domination of your industry. You’ll leave your competitors in the dust, and in fact, will find that they seek you out, to literally offer their companies to you on a silver platter and at a fraction of their worth.

This will be the first inference to the secretive “Sales Funnel Society.” As a Freemason myself, it’s only natural that as the widest and truest vision of what’s possible becomes clear, then the highest levels of knowledge and enlightenment would need to be protected from abuse and cloaked in a certain amount of secrecy. Only to be shared with the purest in heart – those who we can be assured will NEVER risk abusing the ultimate power that now lays at their feet and yet began as a single solitary sales funnel.
It will absolutely “de-mystify” the concept of the Sales Funnel and expand the definition in such a way that readers everywhere will see what’s truly possible in their businesses with respect to the current and future markets, platforms and technology.

They’ll also begin to understand why a comprehensive Sales Funnel strategy is the single most important sales, marketing & branding focus ANY company in ANY market can have.

Dec 2013 – May 2014:

Digital Marketer’s ‘Funnel Experts’ Program, with the title of “Director of Strategies & Fulfillment”

Worked directly for and with Ryan Deiss, Perry Belcher, Roland Frasier and Frank Kern on over 150 High End Done For You Sales Funnels.

Personally designed over 90 comprehensive sales funnel strategies in a matter of 7 or 8 weeks.

I designed funnels for dozens of industries and in countries all over the world.

The following is just a small sampling of some of the markets that I’ve personally designed sales funnels for:

Forex Trading
Stock Trading
Financial Advisors
All Manner of Coaching
Health & Fitness Products & Services
Personal Training
Powerlifting / Body Building
Weight Loss
Mental Health
Spiritual Improvement & Enlightenment
Charitable Organizations
Formal Educational
Online Education & Information
College Admissions Consulting
Physical Products & Manufacturing
Amazing Selling Machine(tm)
Medical Devices
Hypnotism For Entertainment & Physical/Mental Health Care
Multiple Memory Training Courses
Food Based Healing
Nutritional Supplements
Arthritis Treatment
Aircraft User Interface Design
Software Companies
Software As A Service
Video Production & Marketing
Language Learning
Public Speaking & Expertise
Authors & Producers
Trainers & Experts
Public Speakers
Dental Practices
Health Care Practitioners (all kind)
– Chiropractors
– Physical Therapists
– Psychologists
– Hypnotherapists
– Naturepaths
Career Counseling
Recruiting Firms
Ironman, Bi/Tri Athletes
World Class Copywriters
Experienced Individuals (as opposed to trained/certified professionals)
People who were just good at stuff
Real Estate Lead Generation
Real Estate Investing
Real Estate Educational Programs
International Coaches/Speakers
Female Coaches
Female Financial Advisory
Insurance Companies
Affiliate Marketers
Affiliate Platforms
Online Marketing Consultants
Business Efficiency Experts
Martial Arts Studios/Experts
MMA Trainers
Business Executive & Corporate Training Programs
Major(*) Well known marketing platforms
World Famous Thought Leaders
many, many more…

2001 – 2013 (and part-time presently)

Chairman/CEO of The Bridgegate Group of Companies

A network of organizations designed to Consult, Create, Produce & Market different products and services for companies all over the country.

Starting with my personal High End Sales & Marketing Strategy

Then contracting my in-house team of copywriters, graphic designers, software developers, video production, recording studio, musical orchestration,…

We provided services in contract with and in partnership with individuals and corporations to focus on:

1. Bringing in more customers
2. Who Pay More Money
3. More Often

In every client engagement, we would also earn a revenue share and or equity stake.

Clients included:

World Class Seafood Distributor
Top Online Photography Sites
World Famous Financial Author/Speaker/Coach
Helped Launched a very successful Network Marketing Company
Online Video Games
Gardening Product Creation
Major Audiobook Company
Professional Golfer
National Radio Personality/Author
All Natural Health Supplements
Sleep Experts
State University
Live Event & Theatrical Organizations
Online College Admissions Service

Prior to my purchasing a full blown design and development firm in 2012, I focused more on the consulting & strategy work with occasional done for you production.

I personally did a ton of copywriting as well as every kind of media production.

It was the lack of actual design and development resources that led to the introduction of our own complete in-house solutions.

I was tired of spending my valuable time and taking their money, creating multi-million dollar sales and marketing campaigns only to have the client not complete the work because they couldn’t find the necessary resources to actually get the work done.

2004 – Present Day

President of Aztec Entertainment, Aztec Digital Media Group and Aztec Showtrax.

We own a full scale recording studio, record label, karaoke company and video production company, contract with 2 other part time facilities and create all kinds of audio, video & rich media.

I’ve executive produced several artists & released their albums on my Aztec Entertainment label.

I attended Utah Valley University and then Brigham Young University majoring in Music, Dance & Theatre.

I danced on the ballroom team at Utah Valley University and served as the Lead Singer for Renaissance Cruise lines on a 6 month contract in 2000. We cruised all over Europe, the Mediterranean, The Baltic, & Scandinavia.

I’ve recorded a few musical albums with my wife, performed in dozens of musicals & plays and acted in several films and commercials.

I’ve produced live performances and amateur films.

In 2004, I founded Aztec Showtrax, a musical performance track company.

Using my recording studio, we began recording full live orchestras performing the musical scores for various Broadway Musicals and then have rented them to Theatres & Schools all over the world for 10 years.

I still own and direct the company, but am not as involved in the daily operations.

April – October 2000

I was hired as the lead singer of a 6 person entertainment troupe onboard Renaissance Cruise’s brand new exclusive 700 passenger cruise ship. It hadn’t even been built yet and after 6 weeks worth of rehearsal in Charlotte, we traveled to Le Havre France and stayed there for the final few weeks before the cruiseline too possession of the ship.

We had the whole champagne bottle against the hull ceremony and everything. We took its maiden sail up the English Channel and picked up our first passengers at Dover for their 2 week cruise.

Over 6 months, we sailed all over Europe – up to the Baltic Sea, all around Scandinavia, spent a month in Norway, 3 weeks in Russia and then all the way back around the horn to the Mediterranean.

Overall it was something like 26 countries worth of 2 week cruise and we did 5 different shows throughout the 2 weeks. Super fun!

2000 – 2002

Continuing my training in the liberal arts, I auditioned for and was miraculously accepted into Brigham Young University’s World Reknowned Music Dance Theatre program. It has been recognized perennially as one of the top 2 or 3 MDT programs in the world.

The year that I auditioned they had over 200 men apply, only accepted 16 and somehow – I still don’t know how to this day, but I later learned that I received the 4th highest scores of everyone who auditioned despite the fact (and they were never told this) that I had only been singing for about 6 months, and couldn’t dance very well in the other disciplines (ballet, jazz, modern, tap)


While running our consulting and search firm simultaneously, I was given the chance to return to college on a full ride scholarship to study acting/theatre at Utah Valley University.

Always a student, whether formal or not, I attended college once again, performed in many productions, starred in a few and spent 3 years dancing on the World Championship Ballroom Team at UVU.

1992 – 1997

Jr. Partner in Marsh Marketing International – traditional corporate marketing firm providing large scale marketing campaigns and publicity for companies like Budweiser, Haagen Daas, The California Department of Forestry, Quantum Technologies, and several Entertainment Companies.


Partner in Summit Research Associates – a High End Retained Search Firm based in Mountain View, CA.

Over those 7 years, I personally worked with over 100 companies in hiring Sr. Level Engineers, Managers & Executives with companies including Yahoo, Sony, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Cisco Networks, Adobe, SAS, Deloitte & Touche, and Johnson & Johnson

1992 – 1994

I finished all the HS requirements early and so concurrently my senior year I also began my double major in Business Administration & Computer Science at San Mateo College in Northern California.