Empowering Experts To Take The Entrepreneurial Leap

Telling the story of a Rockstar Corporate Executive and what her career and income could look like if she leveraged the rarified air she’s in to create her own private firm to do what she does for several clients, have much more autonomy and authority and be paid exponentially more than she is now.

#1 Website Cardinal Sin - The Big One! Ken vents his frustration & reveals the secret to overcoming it from Ken Foody on Vimeo.

Ken Foody - aka "The Funnel Master" vents about the Biggest Mistake that nearly every website that sells anything makes and reveals his "super secret ninja trick" to overcome it and that gives him instant credibility when he points out the Cardinal Sin to those Sites and Campaigns he gets hired to review.

#1 Website Cardinal Sin! – Ken’s Rant O’ Frustration

Ken Foody, Founder of The Funnel Firm, Offer Expert and known as “The Funnel Master” shot an impromptu video after finishing a “Review & Revise” Strategy Session with a client to look at their Campaign Assets, Websites and Materials only to discover the #1 Website Cardinal Sin yet again. Ken reveals the sin, shares the fix and explains that it’s …