Here is the beginning of a list of Industries that we've specifically worked on either Individual Offers and Sales/Marketing Campaigns, Product Launches or what we call "Full Blown 'Mac Daddy' Sales Funnels!" 


It's our goal to finish this list (someday) with every Industry that we've worked in, and to add a few specifics** about some of the work we've done in each.

  • Accountants/CPA’s
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Affiliate Platforms
  • Aircraft User Interface Design
  • All Manner of Coaching
  • Amazing Selling Machine(tm)
  • Arthritis Treatment
  • Authors & Producers
  • Business Efficiency Experts
  • Business Executive & Corporate Training Programs
  • Career Counseling
  • Charitable Organizations
  • College Admissions Consulting
  • Dental Practices
  • E-Commerce
  • Experienced Individuals (as opposed to trained/certified professionals)
  • Female Coaches
  • Female Financial Advisory
  • Financial Advisors
  • Food Based Healing
  • Forex Trading
  • Formal Educational
  • Health & Fitness Products & Services
  • Health Care Practitioners (all kind)
  • – Chiropractors
  • – Hypnotherapists
  • – Naturepaths
  • – Physical Therapists
  • – Psychologists
  • Hypnotism For Entertainment & Physical/Mental Health Care
  • Insurance Companies
  • International Coaches/Speakers
  • Ironman
  •  - Bi/Tri Athletes
  • Language Learning
  • Major(*) Well known marketing platforms
  • Martial Arts Studios/Experts
  • Medical Devices
  • Mental Health
  • MMA Trainers
  • Multiple Memory Training Courses
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Online Education & Information
  • Online Marketing Consultants
  • People who were just good at stuff
  • Personal Training
  • Physical Products & Manufacturing
  • Powerlifting / Body Building
  • Public Speakers
  • Public Speaking & Expertise
  • Real Estate Educational Programs
  • Real Estate Investing
  • Real Estate Lead Generation
  • Recruiting Firms
  • Software As A Service
  • Software Companies
  • Spiritual Improvement & Enlightenment
  • Stock Trading
  • Trainers & Experts
  • Vegetarian/Vegan
  • Video Production & Marketing
  • Weight Loss
  • World Class Copywriters
  • World Famous Thought Leaders
  • many, many more…


DO NOT WORRY AT ALL if you're one of our Past or Current Clients - we NEVER share the details, specifics, numbers or results of ANY campaign that we've worked on.

As far as we're concerned, they're Private Intellectual Property, shared jointly between us and we would never put the details of such hard work, proven, tested and optimized strategies online for public consumption, available to be ripped-off or "Funnel Hacked!" 

We know that you paid or are paying us to create the singularly unique, one of a kind campaigns that only we can design precisely because they massively out-perform the regurgitated "Funnel Hackery" that others attempt, so we would simply NEVER share the proprietary details of your Business or Campaigns without your express permission! (...and truth be told, we have NEVER once asked anyone for permission to share theirs, no matter how much additional credibility or authority it might provide for us in terms of "Proof!") 

We're fairly confident (alright, obscenely confident) in our expertise and that anyone who works with us will recognize it instantly - we would never share your proprietary details in order to establish that credibility.

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