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One Time
  • Full Info Gathering/Intake Process
  • 90-120 Min Strategy Session
  • Complete Design from Ad to final offer
  • All Offers
  • 3-5 Headline Alternatives for each offer
  • All Price Points & Split Tested Price Points
  • All Pitch Progressions
    (We give you pitches, copy and progressions on the call that we recommend be transcribed and given to a Copywriting team to expand)
  • 1 Round of Optimization Evaluation when live
  • Apply with a $1000 fully refundable deposit
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One Time | (Pmt Plans Optional)
  • Funnel Strategy Plan PLUS:
  • 100% of all Sales Copy Written – All Sales Letters, Videos, Headlines, Emails, Titles, etc..
  • 100% Video Production Included for all Sales Pages
  • 100% Build Out of all Web Pages
  • 100% Platform Integration (Active Campaign, Ontraport or Infusionsoft, etc.) integration provided, platforms not included – you must have your own accounts or pay for new ones to be setup for you.
  • 100% Payment Processor Integration (same thing)
  • 100% Email Sequence Programming
  • 100% Deliverable & membership sites integration(membership site or program content creation available, but not included)
  • 100% Web and Video Hosting(ongoing fees may apply)
  • One Complete Round of Funnel Testing and Optimization
  • Apply with a $1,000 fully refundable deposit.
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Funnel Elite | 75 Days From Strategy To Launch in 1 month


One Time | (Pmt Plans Optional)
  • Funnel Max PLUS:
  • Immediately bumped to the front of the line!
  • Online and active in 30 days!
  • Apply with a $5k fully refundable deposit.
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    Funnel Mastery | 25 Days All hands on deck - all other projects on pause until yours is complete


    One Time
    • Funnel Max PLUS:
    • Immediately bumped to the front of the line
    • Online in 14 Days!
    • Apply with a $5k fully refundable deposit.
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    JUNE 2015:

    As of June 1, 2015 Strategy Sessions are available on a first come first serve basis, and can be applied for below.

    The remaining Funnel Package availability is as follows:

    Our entry level DFY package is currently closed with a closed waiting list.

    ALL of our Done For You Funnel Packages are literally “Done For You!”

    We handle everything, from the initial “out of the gate” strategy, to the split testing and alternative strategies. We write every word of your Headlines, Sales Videos, Email Campaigns, On Page Sales Copy, and all of your Ads. We design the pages, build the pages, produce 100% of the rich media and handle all the programming and integration between hosting platforms, marketing platforms/email providers, payment processing, tracking and analytics, and social media integration.

    You simply provide the expertise and the funding and we take care of the rest!

    If you have proven assets that you know work, then we’ll start by evaluating them and if they can prove to be useful elements of the campaign, then we’ll be happy to use them.

    The price points below for each of the DFY packages are the same with the exception of time frame to delivery.

    It usually shocks some people to see a Sales Funnel Package for $250,000 on this page, especially when Joe Blow down the road says they can give you a complete done for you package for $3,000.

    Our answer to that is simple. When Ken spends the time to get to know your business, audience, offers and USP there comes a moment in the Strategy Session where everything “clicks” and he sees a vision of your future business. Not the version that has a successful sales funnel, but the version that has 10! And when he sees the sales funnel that he’s going to design for your business, it does not stand alone. Very often, he sees 6, 7, 8 different Sales Funnels all working together in a massive compounding, Market dominating fashion.

    So we begin creating the first funnel between $35,000 – $50,000 and deliver it in the appropriate time frame. We run traffic to it, optimize it and start seeing the kind of X to XX or even X to XXX returns on the advertising budget everyone wants to see.

    Once THAT funnel is up and rolling and profitable, Ken says “Ok, that’s great – now we’ve got 6 more to add to it. The only question is, how quickly do you want it?”

    They may choose the same package for the 2nd, and the 3rd, and the 4th, but eventually there will be enough proven winners that you’ll realize the LOST OPPORTUNITY COST you’ve caused yourself by waiting a few months when the funnel could have been up and generating revenue day after day after day.

    So the $250,000 price point is not one that we would naturally expect anyone to come in at right away, unless they’re very forward thinking, have a lot on the line or plenty of seed money to invest. Or if they’ve seen and heard enough about Ken from others that they’re willing to jump in with both feet.

    BUT the intention is simply that everyone who we choose to work with will eventually reach that point because of their own track record, experience and bank accounts.