Thank You For Applying!


NOW that we’ve got your money and your personal intimate details (mwahahaha)…there’s something YOU NEED TO KNOW! 

We’re super excited to get rolling and see how fast we can have an Instant Impact on your campaigns and in your business!


BUT we don’t want you to feel the least bit of hesitation or uneasiness for having made your deposit and shared the private information about your business.

So let us see if we can set your mind at ease about a few things:


1. Everything you share with us is 100% confidential and protected with the utmost respect and appreciation for your faith in us!


We want you to feel that it’s well founded and so:

The FIRST thing you need to know is that we have 

THE SAME SINGULAR GOAL for every NEW engagement we begin:



So we start with one eye focused on Returning the Equal Investment that you’ve made in our relationship as fast as possible!

That’s #1 – How fast can we return the amount you’ve paid us to begin with? Our goal is to ALWAYS be FREE! To rapidly get to a point where every penny we earn comes from the excess profits and revenues we’re responsible for generating.

Our SECOND goal is a slightly more complicated one:

…We want to always be increasing the size of our “FAVORITE CHECK” of yours to write…

we also want to be FREE! 

We want you to be so ecstatic to share more and more with us every month because you’re receiving so many more dollars for every one that you pay us.

Most experienced organizations understand that a 100-120 day window for break even is pretty standard for your 1st ROI Benchmark, and in a lot of circumstances, that’s actually considered an EXCEPTIONAL performance!  

While we understand that’s certainly not “sexy” it’s important to begin from a place of what’s realistic.

In most cases, for their $$ a 90 day window is considered a Big Win!


Less than 90 days is EXCEPTIONAL!!! It’s a freak show!

As long as everyone understands and can agree with those sort of realistic expectations, then we’re quite willing and excited to inform you that privately, Ken doesn’t
EVER have a goal of accomplishing ROI in months…
His target is always to hit that “Back To Level Par” benchmark in WEEKS, sometimes DAYS and even on occasion HOURS!!!

Obviously, we make
NO PROMISES, or CLAIMS as to what we WILL be able to do for you, but based on our track record and confidence in our ability to deliver, we set lofty goals and then work to massively over deliver, but only assuming we can agree on this realistic set of expectations to “over deliver” on.

With all that being said, our process is very simple to determine if we’re going to be a good fit to work together and if so to hit the ground running and if it doesn’t look like a good fit or good timing right now, we can establish that quickly and part as friends.

FIRST of all, the required deposit is 100% Conditionally Refundable, under most circumstances. If we decide not to be interested at this time, you’ll instantly have it refunded and we’ll try and offer some sort of impactful parting advice which usually proves to be extremely helpful.


If we’re having a “strategy session” together and will be discussing your overall business sales and growth or an individual campaign, the $1,000 will either be applied to that individual session, or will be applied toward whatever additional fees are relevant for the ongoing engagement.


On the call we’ll discuss the terms of the engagement and make arrangements for whatever remaining information needs to be provided or funds that need to be paid to continue work together, assuming everything is agreeable to you.

If at the end of the session, we’ve accomplished a great deal and you feel as though you’re in a position to take it from there, then we’ll complete our stand alone transaction with any remaining balance and be done.

If, in the unfathomable case, that you feel you’ve learned NOTHING at all, benefited from our time together NOT ONE BIT, and that we have completely wasted your time and that you have NO desire to obtain and retain the recordings/notes from our session, then we send a “Declaration of Refusal of Assistance” that you just sign electronically stating that you didn’t make any recordings, you’ll destroy any notes and won’t use any of the “Trade Secrets” that were shared with you or created/crafted for you on the call, and we’ll refund every penny of your deposit usually within 5-7 days at the most.


We don’t believe in putting pressure on our clients to work with us. We aren’t trying to convince anyone of anything when it comes to wanting us to work together. So we’ve tried to make it as simple and easy as possible to dip your toe in the water, get some instant value from the beginning that you can take action on and if we both agree that we’re interested in moving forward together, we’ll set forth those details at that time.

Thank you again for your interest and we’ll look forward to getting to know you and your business and to working together.

You’ll hear from us SOON! 

Until then, please rest easy knowing that you’ve engaged a powerful organization of literally Cutting Edge Experts on your behalf and you’re gonna LOVE what we can do together, I promise!

– Ken